Have you had your eyes checked up? Have the time to do so this World Sight Day. World Sight Day is something to anticipate and be conscious of because not all people are giving much attention in taking care of their eyesight.  Some of them maybe are people you know or those within your family, who must know about this global event.

When is World Sight Day 2017

World Sight Day 2017 is on Thursday, October 12.

World Sight day will occur every year on a 2nd Thursday of October.

World Sight Day Origin

World Sight Day is a worldwide observance that aims to increase community awareness of blindness and vision deficiency, which is one of the major public health issues World Health Organization, is viewing nowadays. One of its purposes is also to educate individuals on how to avoid and prevent blindness which may be caused by glaucoma, cataract, or complication of some disease like diabetes. This also serves as an eye opener for those in government offices to take part and have a deeper interest in finding the solution and generate funds to support this campaign.

Its origin, when and how it started may not clearly stated, nevertheless, it is something that reminds everyone of the importance of having healthy eyesight and a 2020 vision. Millions of people worldwide who are suffering from very serious eye ailments are not really aware that some of these disorders are treatable and can be cured by a simple and quick minor surgery. World Sight Day has become an effective “substance carrier” to communicate its heart throughout the years.

Having a Significant World Sight Day

Whether you believe or not that your eyes, most of the time convey a message of what is in your heart, you must consider that your eyes is as important as all your other senses. So much that you cannot envision how you will behave in life if you will lose it. This day reminds us of the good turn we must do for our eyes.

World Sight Day is somehow, one of the serious matters that are recurrent even in the most developing countries in the world. These countries in some way are very actively involved and they are doing well in fund-raising, campaign and seminars.

As an individual, one way or another, you can keenly observe this day in your own special way.

  1. Spread the word about this global adherence. Not everybody is aware of it because some are so consumed with the overwhelming personal issues they have.
  2. Having a simple eye care by doing an eye check-up regularly.
  3. Do a research about the right food to eat that will keep your eyesight healthy and free from any disorder
  4. Wear proper sunglasses if it’s too sunny.
  5. Protect your eyes from eye injury that maybe caused by sports or work.
  6. You may commit to donate cash in some fundraising that gives financial support to those who are not able to have their eyes undergo a treatment.
  7. Educate your kids on the proper ways to take care of their eyesight.
  8. In some parts of the world, statues in every landmarks and monuments are being blindfolded, which symbolizes awareness to this advocacy. If you are a person of influence, you may encourage your city officials to do the same.
  9. Be ingenious when driving at night. Try to look at the right side of the road and avoid looking at the strong headlights of the car coming towards you on the other side.
  10. In support to this special day, you may take part on the sponsored activity in your town, school, or at work.

Giving value to everything that your creator has provided for you is the best thing that you can do as an individual.

World Sight Day 2018

World Sight Day 2018 will take place on 2nd Thursday, October 11.