World Teachers’ Day or Teachers’ Day is a special day to give appreciation to the significant roles teachers play around the world in the society.

World Teachers’ Day 2017

World Teachers’ Day 2017 will be celebrated on a Thursday, 5th of October.

Yearly, World Teachers’ Day is celebrated every 5th of October.

World Teachers’ Day History

On October 5 1994, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) formally established World Teachers’ Day. October 5 was the chosen date to give recognition to UNESCO/ILO’s (International Labor Organization) approval of World Teachers’ Day establishment since October 5, 1966. This special day is acknowledged worldwide by around 100 countries. This celebration aims to highlight the endeavors and achievements of the teachers on a global scale.

Teachers’ Day Facts

  1. Teachers’ Day at Singapore is observed every first Friday of September.
  2. Every first Tuesday of May is the day Teachers’ Day is celebrated in the US.
  3. In India, every September 5th is the celebrated Teachers’ Day. This is to give honor to the Indian academic philosopher and second president of India: Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan.

World Teachers’ Day—A Day of Appreciation

Teachers are considered the silent guide of the generation. We have repeated encounters with them almost every day come school year time yet it is possible that we could take their efforts to teach for granted. World Teachers’ Day are all about that: giving appreciation to teachers.  An appreciation, no matter how small, if it comes from the heart, will surely be appreciated. So on a day especially dedicated for teachers, don’t hold back, make your teachers feel loved.

 World Teachers’ Day 2018

World Teachers’ Day 2018 will be celebrated on a Friday, 5th of October.

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