World Vegetarian Day or Vegetarian Day is a day dedicated to promote awareness of the vegetarian lifestyle’s benefits. Vegetarian Day opens opportunities for non-vegetarians to learn and try the vegetarian’s lifestyle.

World Vegetarian Day 2017

World Vegetarian Day 2017will be observed on a Sunday, October 1st.

World Vegetarian Day is annually celebrated every first of October.

World Vegetarian Day Origin

North American Vegetarian Association first established World Vegetarian Day on October first with the aim of advertising the holistic importance of vegetarianism. This movement was further reinforced by the International Vegetarian Union in 1978.

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What is Vegetarianism?

Vegetarianism is a type of lifestyle that encompasses the consumption plant-based foods. This involves refusing any meat-based foods, fish and animal products. The motivation for such belief involves 3 main things: economics, health and compassion. Economically, it is proposed that being a vegetarian costs less since vegetables with an exception of some areas, are readily available. Health wise, it is claimed that vegetarian regimen is helpful in making people lose weight because they eat less fat which contain twice the calories of carbohydrates. Compassion-wise, vegetarians have this strong belief of preserving animals and not use them for consumption.

Vegetarians are classified into four types:

1) lacto-ovo-  they don’t consume meat, fish or poultry foods.

2) lacto- they don’t consume meat, poultry, fish or eggs.

3) ovo- they don’t consume animal products except eggs and honey.

4) strict vegetarian- no animal products which include honey.

World Vegetarian Day Celebration

Indeed, Vegetarian Day connotes a time for vegetarians. But this day is also open for non-vegetarians. For non-vegetarians, it is the perfect time for them to recognize the healthy quality of plant-based of foods. So if you are already a vegetarian, make sure to share the benefits of your lifestyle to others. Here are some ways to celebrate World Vegetarian Day:

1) Organize a Vegetarian Day meal. How is it done? Simply prepare delicious viands using vegetable and fruits. In a way, it says, healthy can also be tasty.

2)  Arrange a documentary film viewing about vegetarianism. This will give them an informed view about vegetarian lifestyle.

3) Be meat-free for a day. A meat-free day, as a way of appreciation for vegetarians, might be a start to those who would like to be a vegetarian.

World Vegetarian Day 2018

World Vegetarian Day 2018 will occur on a Monday, October 1st.