Water is one of the world’s natural resources responsible for the existence and continued perpetuation of the human race, animals and plants in the planet Earth.  No other planet in the universe had been found to have water as found on Earth.  With the growing population and manufacturing waste, water’s purity is threatened and may be fatal to the whole planet in the long run.

When is the World Water Day in 2018?

World Water Day is on March 22, 2018, a Thursday.

World Water Day is always observed worldwide on the 22nd of March annually.

The Origin and History of the World Water Day:

The World Water Day is a United Nation’s holiday as declared in a resolution signed, as proposed by UNICEF, on December 22, 1992 at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  In March 22, 1993, the inaugural celebration was held with the 2012 observance declared to be the best and largest campaign due to the active participation of social media sites, such as, Facebook and Twitter.

The Purpose of the World Water Day:

The World Water Day is also called World Day for Water and International Water Day.  Its creation is aimed to serve as a reminder for water’s efficient usage by mankind.  Activities are designed to build awareness on the value of water to ecology, agriculture, commerce and health.  Its symbol, a blue water drop, emphasizes water’s importance to life in general.

The World Water Day Activities 2015:

Each year’s celebration of the World Water Day is governed by a theme.  For 2015, the theme is “Water and Energy.”  Activities include competitions on visual, musical and theatrical arts as tribute to water’s significance.

Universities participate by holding educational contests and symposia on management and security of clean water resources.  Fund raising events are also done covered by special airings by multimedia supporters.  School children also conduct excursions to local lakes, reservoirs and lakes.

When is the World Water Day in 2019?

The World Water Day is on March 22, 2019, a Friday.

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