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When is the World Wetlands Day?

The World Wetlands Day is on February 2, 2018, a Friday.

The World Wetlands Day is always observed on the second day of February each year.

The Origin and Purpose of the World Wetlands Day:

Participated by more than ninety countries worldwide, the World Wetlands Day marks the date of the adoption of the convention on Wetlands in February 2, 1971 in Ramsar City, Iran.  It aims to create awareness globally of the values and benefits of the Wetlands.

The Convention on Wetlands, called Ramsar Convention, spearheads the annual Wetlands campaign with the participation of government and non-government institutions.  The information dissemination centers on the salient role of wetlands in providing ecosystem services.  These include water purification, recycling of nutrients, land erosion deterrent, recharging groundwater aquifers, recreational opportunities and habitat for wildlife.

The World Wetlands Day celebration theme 2015:  

Each year, the Ramsar Convention picks a theme for the year’s celebration.For 2015, the World Wetlands Day’s theme is: Wetlands For Our Future.

This theme recognizes the importance of having the youth as the primary movers for the future of wetlands, and encourages them as such. Youth-oriented programs, such as a Youth Photo Contest, are on the list of activities of the celebration. Making the next generation of leaders aware of the importance of wetlands and the conservation of them is the goal for this year.

When is the 2019 World Wetlands Day?

The World Wetlands Day is on February 2, 2019, a Saturday.