Yellow Pig Day is a distinguished day for mathematicians in honor of the number 17. Ever since it was created by two mathematicians, annually, at July 17, college campuses and mathematicians celebrate its mathematical value.

National Yellow Pig Day 2017

National Yellow Pig Day 2017 happens on a Monday, 17th of July.

National Yellow Pig Day  is always celebrated on July 17th.

Origin of National Yellow Pig Day

In 1960, Michael Spivak and David Kelly, two mathematicians from Princeton University, were tasked to figure out the number 17’s special properties. As they brainstormed, they came up with an imaginary yellow pig which is composed of seventeen toes, eyelashes, teeth, etc. Ever since this discovery, they use Yellow Pig as one of the concepts that epitomize the number 17.

Yellow Pig Day Blast

How do you celebrate Yellow Pig’s Day?

Basically, this is a celebration for the number 17. Still, you need not to be a mathematician to take part in the celebration. Ordinarily it is being celebrated in very simple ways like wearing a t-shirt with a yellow pig logo in it, enjoying a yellow pig cake, serenading yellow pig carols, and exchanging yellow pig gifts.

Yellow Pigs in Between Pages

Micheal Spivak authored several textbooks. He also displayed his fondness for yellow pigs in each textbook. Curiously, it can only be revealed to those who are already familiar with yellow pig’s concept. For instance, there was a portion in his book where he used the concept of Chinese policemen. So to say, Chinese are known to be ‘yellow’ and policemen are ‘pigs’. You have to be insighted to recognize yellow pigs spread across Spivak’s books.

National Yellow Pig Day 2018

National Yellow Pig Day 2018 happens on a Tuesday, 17th of July.